Soheila; Life-Coach, Consultant, Qigong Coach

From my Russian grandfather, I inherited my medial and healing abilities.

Already as a young girl, I was able to communicate with angels on a spiritual level.

I am able to feel the soul of human beings and can specifically identify the cause of bockades and difficulties.

I consider this as a gift and blessing, at the meantime as a calling to help people by supproting their inner growth and development.


In my parctice for holostic health in Hamburg, Germany, I have been working as a life-coach and consultant for over 20 years. Through my years of experience, I give an understanding of the cause of possible problems and also offer concrete, individually tailored solutions and healing pathways. This way I was able to help many people so far.


 Together we will find the most effectice cure for you.

I would like to point out that my advice does not replace medical treatment.