My patients include people of all backgrounds, nationalities and occupation groups. I give advice to polocemen, housewives, businessmen, lawyers, teachers, therapists and doctors e.g. Here I would like to publish some feedback. To ensure my patients privacy, I won't mention their full names.



"4 years ago, I suffered from a severe ischemic left-brain stroke two times. I was half-paralized.

Logic and cignitive functiones including speaking was gone. I had to start from zero again.

Through my husband's love and my own diligence, as well as through a number of therapies, I was able to rebound again more or less.

I visited a variety of alternative medicine methods, shamans and healers from near and far. Gradually my condition improved, but still I wasn't able to speack fluently. It was like a kind of blockade until I met Soheila.

Perhaps it used to be the right time, or my heart became more open.

Through Soheila's healing words and her invisible power, I am able to speak fluently again and feel clam inside - a new experience for me.

Thank you so much dear Soheila. Thanks to your help, I finally arrievd in my own life, have opened my soul and I am following with joy."


"Dear Soheila, I feel purified, clarified, freed, exhilarated and powerful. I thank you with all my heart for your support. I got the insight of several options and perspectives on my way and I am looking forward to new experiences."


"Soheila is the best!

It is unbelievable what she is able to forsee. All of her predictions came true. I am really thankful for her advice and guiding."



"Wow, thanh you so much dear Soheila. You really helped me a lot."

"Soheila is a recommended medium with amazing skills. I am really greateful for her help!"


"Dear Soheila, thank you very much for this intense and very profound seminar, which touched me and made me happy. Thank you for your deep human understanding, your joy, your commitment and your heart. I was able to recieve my inner power and wisdom back."


"Soheila offers honest and loving help with all questions and problems. A problem is worked on until a final solution process is found."

"Dear Soheila, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your business advice. Thanks to your valuable guiding and hints I could expand my business, which made me even more successful. I never believed it would be possible that
a medium could give me such valuable, down-to-earth entrepreneurial advice. You can! I am very thankful for that."

"What I have learned during the seminar "Aura and energyfield purification" really changed my whole life."

"A warm THANK YOU for your loving, heartfelt light work. I feel strong and carried. The shamanic dance has awakened my vitality again."